Project Leadership and Management

A project is a “temporary endeavour undertaken to create, attain or achieve a unique product or service, a result or benefit, or a beneficial change for stakeholders”. Projects can be as diverse as conducting market research, arranging an event, restructuring a company, installing a computer system, overseeing construction of a building, and many other tasks. Organizations and their staff/managers who train in project management can benefit enormously from the project leadership and management skills and methods taught in this new Program. This Program will greatly assist leaders and managers of all kinds of projects as well as those seeking project management careers, and gives a comprehensive introduction to project management with many practical examples.

The design of this brand new Program is two-fold:
• It provides professional training for modern project leaders and managers, through each phase in the life-cycle of projects, from conception, initiation, planning, implementation, through to closure. It covers the formation, training, supervision, control of a project team, and relations with its members.
• Uniquely, it covers development and humanitarian projects, the outsourcing of projects or parts of them to external parties, and the establishment and management of businesses which execute outsourced projects for clients.

Course Outline Summary

  • Module 1 – Principles & Practice of Project Leadership & Management
  • Module 2 - Project Personnel
  • Module 3 - Project Planning
  • Module 4 - Cost Estimating and Budgeting
  • Module 5 - The Project Schedule
  • Module 6 - Procurement
  • Module 7 - Project Communication Management
  • Module 8 - Project Implementation
  • Module 9 - Project Monitoring and Control
  • Module 10 - Project Closure
  • Module 11 - Project Logistics
  • Module 12 - Project Concepts

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