At Master Consultants Ltd, we believe your journey towards success starts with more frequent and effective employee trainings both to reskill and up skill. We help Organizations to maximize their employee productivity, build resilience and achieve sustainable long-term growth.

In keeping with our quality standards, we ensure that our e-learning courses are credible and internationally recognized. Our processes are in line with the requirements set forth by the International Standards. Our courses are thoroughly reviewed for quality and compliance with International Standards. Further, course content is regularly reviewed by both internal and external Board of Reviewers to ensure relevance.

Our courses are ideal for the working class as well as job seekers at all levels. Learners will acquire skills that will set them apart from the crowd. Employers will find our learners very attractive for hire.  Employees seeking promotion will find our courses handy in equipping them with the skills that will enable them execute their new functions effectively. Whether at entry level or at Executive level, an extra certificate and skills acquired through our trainings will be critical to differentiate you and make you more attractive to your current or prospective employers.

Our courses cover a wide range of business-critical areas including Strategic Management, Leadership, Project Management, Performance Management, Customer Care, Marketing, Accounting, Credit Management and Organizational Development. The courses are certified with National Industrial Training Authority (NITA). All participating Organizations are eligible to claim refund of training costs in accordance with NITA rules and regulations.

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We seek to be the benchmark for the provision of professional training and consulting solutions in East Africa.

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We provide integrated and highly customized solutions to meet your needs at every stage of your organization’s development.We are not ordinary. We are always extraordinary!