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Study and Training Periods

For a variety of reasons, some CIC Members can - or want to or need to - complete Study and Training more quickly than can other Members. Some Members might already possess knowledge and/or practical experience of the subjects they enrol to study with CIC; other Members start from basic principles, with no prior knowledge or experience. Some Members can devote a great deal of time to their CIC Studies; other Members can spare only a few hours a week. Some Members have a greater command of English, than do other Members. Some Members have a greater rate of progress than do others. And so on, and so on!

 Therefore, the CIC Method of Teaching is UNIQUE in being so very FLEXIBLE!

 COURSES & PROGRAMS (including ‘Career Progress’ and ‘Mastery of Management’)

The average time taken to complete one CIC Course or Program is 6 to 12 months; some Members complete more quickly, whilst other Members take longer. However, we allow Members to take, if necessary:-

  • up to 12 monthsif studying one Course/Program only
  • up to 15 monthsif studying two Courses/Programs at the same time
  • up to 18 monthsif studying three Courses/Programs at the same time
  • up to21 months if studying four Courses/Programs at the same time


  1. AMember’s Study and Training Period is calculated from the date on which that Member is actually enrolled or registered by the College in UK for a Course, Program or Programme, and will be stated on the ‘Confirmation of Membership’ documentation issued by the College and sent to the Member to retain.
  2. Members who - for personal reasons - find they need to take longer than normal, and study beyond the end of the normal maximumStudy and Training Period allowed, may be permitted by the College to extend the Study and Training Period. A modest ‘Extension Charge’ (currently of KSH 8500 or £60) is made for any period up to 12 months after the end of the normal Study and Training Period. The Extension Charge should be paid to the College BEFORE the end of the normal Study and Training Period. Contact us for further information.

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