Leadership & Team Management

A Program to provide the skills, knowledge and conceptual framework that underlies successful leadership, teamwork and team building.

In business, supervision and management the leadership role of supervisors, managers, professionals, executives and the importance of teamwork and group dynamics is well recognised. The ability to work as part of a team and possess team leadership abilities is increasingly more vital for business and career success.

This Program aims to explore the nature of leadership, teamwork and team building and to equip those working in, or aiming for a career in, administration, supervision and management with the necessary knowledge to understand and to harness these important aspects of organizational life. It considers individuals’ motivations, the behavior of teams, and leadership. The Program also aims to assist managers and leaders gain a better understanding of the leadership role in organizations as they rise in seniority.

Course Outline Summary

  • Module 1 - Introduction
  • Module 2 - Motivating the individual
  • Module 3 - Team behavior
  • Module 4 - Synergy and groupthink
  • Module 5 - Team development
  • Module 6 - Team roles
  • Module 7 - The role of the leader
  • Module 8 - Power and relationships
  • Module 9 - Teams, leadership and culture
  • Module 10 - The twenty-first-century team and its leader
  • Module 11 - Thinkers on teams and leadership

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