Computers and IT in Business and Management

A Program designed to teach the “REAL” facts about computers WHICH EVERY MANAGER AND BUSINESS PERSON SHOULD KNOW

Computers are widely used in business, industry and government. But many managers simply “accept” computers. Lack of real knowledge and understanding of the capabilities and limitations of computers prevents them realising the true benefits - or problems poorly planned computerisation cause.

This Program teaches what a computer can do; what it cannot do; how to get the best results from a computer; how to select the computer system which best suits the organization’s requirements, how to avoid problems and pitfalls with computers and information technology, and how to successfully manage data securely.

Course Outline Summary

  • Module 1 - Computers and the Functions of Management
  • Module 2 - Computers in Business and Administration
  • Module 3 - The Parts and Functions of a Computer
  • Module 4 - Computer Programs and the Organisation of Data
  • Module 5 - Practical Uses of Computers
  • Module 6 - Computers and Management Information
  • Module 7 - Computers and Accounting
  • Module 8 - Computers and Communication
  • Module 9 - Word Processing and Desktop Publishing
  • Module 10 - Choosing the Right Computer System
  • Module 11 - The Implementation of a Computer System
  • Module 12 - The Efficient Running of a Computer System

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