Transformative Training Programs

Leadership Development Trainings

Visionary companies know that long-term success requires a pipeline of emerging leaders who can help build and secure a competitive advantage. Strategic Leadership is learned, it does not come automatically. We guide the new starters as they begin their career. We help the first-time managers progress up the career ladder. We nurture and inspire the emerging leaders. And we give the senior executives the tools they need to make the game-changing decisions. Our programs are designed to enable organisational success

Driving Results through innovative leadership
Leading strategically
Leading team for impact
Leadership at the Peak
Coaching for growth and success
Maximizing your leadership Potential
Strategic Management
Leadership in Corporate Governance

We guide new starters.

Finance Operations: Achieving Back Office Excellence
International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRS)
Blockchain Accounting
Cash Flow Management & Working Capital Optimisation
Financial Auditing for Internal Auditors
Fraud Prevention, Detection & Investigation
Improving your Audit Reports & Delivering Added Value
Finance for Non Finance Managers
There is an increasing need for organisations to respond and adapt to globalisation, as well as digitisation in an ultra-competitive environment. The need for, collaboration, partnerships and networks are all paramount in the business vertical. Through our Organisational Development program, your organisation can improve effectiveness, achieve goal, build capacity and creatively manage challenges and change.

Operations Management and Improvement
Organisational development Models
Dynamic Organisations
Organization attitudes, group behaviour and individual motivation
Organization Structure
Organisation Barriers
Methods for diagnosing needs, facilitating change and evaluating organizational effectiveness
Employee Development
Culture , Capability and performance
Change and transition for performance
The Psychology of Organisational Culture and Climate
Entrepreneurship is the foundation of every organisation. The ability to solve people’s needs has been the core of every successful Business. To stay competitive in the market, intrapreneurship, the act of behaving like an entrepreneur within a large organization, must be introduced in order to stay on top of the competition

Start-Up Business & Effective Business Plan
Design Thinking and Innovation
Business ethics & intellectual Property
Entrepreneurial mind set
Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting
Business Law
Raising Capital
Business Communication